Soldiers Battalion "Lviv" returned from Debal'tsevo

law enforcement officers from 30 Battalion patrol special police "Lviv" who served in Debal'tsevo, Donetsk region, returned home to rest. February 23, came to rest battalion soldiers patrol special police "Lviv". As usualand, at home, law enforcement officers met relatives, friends, community and leadership Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region. "It's part of the soldiers who went to the area ATO January 10 this year. They performed extremely important and dangerous task in Debal'tsevo and the surrounding area - covering care of our military, "- said nachalnyk Public Safety Office of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Andrew Hrebeniuk. According to officers, the men will rest at home for at least 30 days after that rotation will go back into the zone ATO. According to the deputy platoon commander of the battalion "Lviv" junior police lieutenant Taras fell: "It was nayvazhcha our rotation. Tasks that were before us - a critical infrastructure protection important city, trimming settlements and public order. However, during the planned withdrawal of troops from the city Debal'tsevo we had together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cover the withdrawal of our troops and units. " Unfortunately, the two battleant battalion "Lviv" did not return from a combat mission. Now ATO management in conjunction with other agencies establish their fate. "Are all the necessary steps to establish their fate. Whether they died, if so, the most important task - to find their bodies to bury worthy of honor, "- said Andrew Hrebeniuk. Recall from the beginningin anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine, the fighting was attended by more than 1.5 thousand police officers, police officers Lviv. Regular rotation are among workers of all services and police units Lviv: patrol, traffic police, GSBEP, OCD, district police officers and others. In the area served ATO representatives insih units - from the management of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region and personally head - police colonel Dmitry Zagariaya and his deputies, the junior police sergeant - yesterday volunteers who fought as part of Battalion patrol special police "Lviv". During the fighting in eastern Ukraine, killing two soldiers batalyonu "Lviv" - junior police sergeant Vladimir Popovic and police sergeant Taras Dorosh. Two more soldiers division deemed untraceable missing. Several police officers, including the head of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region police colonel Dmitry Zagariaya and battalion commander "Lviv" police captain Igor Wolski, were injured. VZG Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region