In the Rivne Oblast family conflict ended in Sarny adminprotokol

for trying to hurt his father's 54-year-old son brought to adminotvetstvennosti and warned of more strict liability in the event of a repetition of a similar situation. About 12 o'clock on the next Sarnenski police department received messagestion of conflict between men. Employees of the State Security Service, while in dress, arrived at the family conflict. Guardians met a man who complained about her son. Being drunk son wantonly committed family conflict and tried to hurt his father. Local policeman was two alministratyvni protocols under Article 173 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (disorderly conduct), which results in a penalty of three to seven times the income or correctional labor for a term of one to two months minus twenty percent of earnings, and if the circumstances of the caseTaking into account individual offender, these measures deemed insufficient - administrative arrest for up to fifteen days, and 178 (drinking beer, alcohol, alcoholic beverages in places prohibited by law or appearance in public in a drunken state) which entails a warning or a fine ranging from one to sayou tax-free income. Offender police warned of a strict liability in case of repetition of the situation. UDSO at MIA Ukraine Rivne region