In Volyn judge willful defaulter taxes

For two years people owed their children and their husband six, more than 33 thousand. Increasingly, in the proceedings of investigation department employees Manevychi District Police are criminal proceedings on the wicked evasion established court decision means for the children (Aliments). This time offender was 48-year-old resident of the area, which according to the decision Manevychi district court must pay child support for the maintenance of six children. However, despite this, for two years a number of people committed deliberate action to avoid paying child support, including officially for a job, at aboutBlik to the employment center did not apply, life was not interested in children and their education was not involved and did not help financially. In prophylactic conversation that carried with him, did not respond. In wrongful arrears nonsupport of more than 33 thousand. Announced offenders suspected of having committed a criminal PRAvoporushennya under Part. 1, Art. 164 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The case file submitted to the court. Lydia SAHARCHUK, Manevichsky District Police Ukraine Volyn region