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In Orthodox and Greek Catholic Lent begins Monday in the

Orthodox and Greek Catholics began Lent. On the eve of the Eastern Rite Christians last post before eating modest and asked each other for forgiveness for sins committed. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK Lent – This is the longest and strongest among fouroh multi-posts established church. It lasts seven weeks – 40 days of preparation for the mention of the sufferings of Christ and the Holy Week. Completed during abstinence from food and entertainment Easter. The celebration of Christ's resurrection this year falls on April 12, informs TSN. Church arose requires use during Lentm ’ clear dishes, fish, milk, cheese and eggs. Relaxation on diet provided to the elderly, sick, young children, pregnant women and new mothers. In another diet can count and those who got to travel. Priests emphasize that formal requirements to food intake and abstinence fromEntertainment is not the main purpose of Lent. This first period of repentance and reconciliation with God and work on their own spiritual growth, they emphasize. Therefore, the Church advises at this time to pay more attention to prayer, Scripture reading, attendance at religious services and mercy. Told