Lutsk hosted progress " Nobody is forgotten ... No punished! &Quot;

February 22, 2015 in Lutsk held a memorial march " Nobody is forgotten ... No punished! &Quot; and civil memorial service for hundreds of Heaven Heroes. The action started from the center of Lutsk and ended at Memorial Hall at the grave of Hero Heavenly hundreds svobodovtsev BasilMoses. There priests UOC Kiev Patriarchate, headed by Metropolitan Michael served a memorial service for Heroes of Ukraine. Participation in the event was Svoboda, including First Deputy Head of Volyn Regional State Administration Sergey Kudryavtsev, First Deputy Head of Volyn Oblast Pyrozhyk Alexander, head of the City of PA " Freedom " Nicholas FedIR, deputies Svoboda Volyn Lutsk city and regional councils. By this brother Basil Moses Moses read the novel appeal of professional civil action " Nobody is forgotten ... No one is punished! &Quot; &Quot; A year of events at Revolution Square dignity. Russian aggression expands and becomes bigger and marriage more basely. Continue to die forraschi of Ukrainian, the aggressor and his mercenaries destroy infrastructure. At the same time continues to decline Ukrainian economy, drastically devalued the hryvnia, rising prices, fell to a miserable living standards of most Ukrainian. Comprehensive problem of corruption has not been solved. Moreover, the government will continue based on the super rich oligarchs, and mostof which have business related to Russia, therefore, as agents of the aggressor country. A year has not held true mobilization throughout the country, all of its resources to achieve victory in the national liberation war & quot ;, - stated in the appeal. Member civil action " Nobody is forgotten ... No punished! &Quot; appealed to the Presidentialdent Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, the Parliament of Ukraine following requirements: 1.Nehaynoho radical cleansing the judiciary of corrupt henchmen of the old regime who continue to release criminals, allowing them to avoid responsibility and escape from Ukraine. 2.Rozhortannya not just a partial mobilization of military services, but real systemic mobilization of internal resources of the country to fully equip the Ukrainian army, starting with the fortunes of the oligarchs who do business with the aggressor country, and those who hide their income from a variety of schemes and offshore. 3.Pochaty fighting corruption himself of introducing order the immediate release ofposition or deprivation of parliamentary powers people who have been established facts of corrupt acts, regardless of the status of senior, including elective. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "