Transcarpathian "traffic cops" with journalists showed drivers who do not pass "fast" Recently,

traffic police service Tiachiv region of Transcarpathia conducted joint testing, which involved medical ambulance and journalists press service Tiachiv district administration. This vidpratsyuvantion was carried out in order to remind citizens that "fast", which goes to the urgent call may not delayed in traffic jams and all other road users, seeing flashing light and siren sound heard immediately required to give preference to the move this vehicle . As it turned out, not all drivers follow traffic rules. Onlyat a few hours traffic police were working 14 administrative protocols for failure advantage in moving ambulances. Some drivers do not want to plead guilty even after presenting them with the perpetrating video traffic violations. Such violators attracted to administrative modpovidalnosti. According to Acting District Police Chief Tiachiv Basil Pokovba police will continue to conduct such testing because of failure to timely "fast" to place the call can cost human life. John Philip Tachivski District Police