4 years in prisons hold volynyanyn who robbed the recreation center at

dodger crime did not go alone, but with minor nephew. Arriving in the tract Chebeni owner base noticed that the windows in the house are broken. Realizing that he was robbed, the man immediately called the police. Sentinels owner said that the building of unknown vynesutwere two television and furniture, pans, grills with skewers, garden tools and distillery products. Rozhyshche investigators quickly established intruders, finding out that the theft involved previously convicted local resident and his young nephew. Rozhyshche District Court found the defendant guilty of committing criminal claimravoporushen provided ch. 3. 185 (theft) and ch. 2, Art. 304 (Engaging minors in criminal activity) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and appointed four years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region

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