In the Rivne region dispute between hospital patients resulted

stab wounds Sunday evening to the duty of police department received a report that a Strashivskomu TB Dispensary Sarnenski district between patients came verbal conflict in which one paid stabbed another. Go to the place podiyi went investigative team police department to establish the circumstances of the incident. Interviewing witnesses, police found that the hospital villages trouble arose between patients verbal conflict. During the conflict, 59-year-old John villager Big Telkovychi Volodymyrets District dealt another blow a kitchen knife in the abdominal regionoral 41-year-old Igor, villagers Osnytskiy Rokytne area. Igor doctors were taken to the surgical department Sarny district hospital where he was operated on and hospitalized. - Information included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under paragraph 1 of Article 121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (grievous bodily harm), - said the headSarnenski District Police in Rivne Ukraine Volodymyr substituted. - Ongoing preliminary inquiry. Natalia KYRKOVSKA, Sarnensky District Police Ukraine Rivne region