Blog Marciniak. About Lions, football and sparrows

Outside cold, but sparrows are celebrating a wedding at Hetman shafts. Notable someone yayka squeeze. Marciniak. Photo: ZIK And people are torn, burying their noses in scarves and Kovnir. Surely sedate tourists turn blue hands trying to monitor fatoaparaty to the church, but the cold wind make it is difficult Dost – screens skosobochuyutsya temples and as fall. I then be temper. Tourists are not. It seems to contain everything as usual. But not – stones shpatseruyut avolovni chappy who do not know where to put myself. As told to our football commentators overwise – anthropometry they obviously Germany. And they scarves with symbols Munich « Bavaria & raquo ;. It is a pity that not wearing shorts with straps and traditional Kapeliush with Mr. ’ yurkamy. Bluish broilers in short pants ... Guys with hope zyrkayut the door Kneipp, but are hesitant to go – notable afraid that stand for shynkvasom n ’ plates and vedmin with balalaika and cry in moskalskomu « Hyundai Hoch! » ... Suddenly onesome of them, face « Turkish nationality & raquo ;, pretty decent Russian said: « A dye zdyes Chocolate Workshop & raquo ;? &Laquo; belya Kurds! As the Germans zdribnily and poturchylys & raquo ;, – I thought. But the road show. And tried to go near sidewalk Bavarian opponents. If they were not holding hands – they would rozmethello how the explosion. Maybe even trees. Among these danyetskih (a mo ’ Kievski already?) Strictly complied with gender equality – and drunk too. P ’ wooden akkurat were evenly matched boys, girls sho. One of the Amazons rozpashilyh suddenly saw something familiar: « Ooh, smatritye – tower, I am in great nyeyo Internet chitala! IR! Davaytis East and pasmotrim. There navyerna muzyey. In nih everywhere muzyeyi & raquo ;. &Laquo; Tower » helplessly silent, and the company was set to « muzyey & raquo ;. They « vomited on Rodin » &Ndash; and they are firmly holding the front legs, dissolved the door next Tavern. They all – Germans and their Ukrainian counterparts « sufferers » (Ie shahtory) pray god of football to give their team the win. Maybe even that God called offside. Do not know if he heard them, he had to be completely deaf, but Mass in « Arena Lviv » happen. Strangers, strangers team stranger victory. They would all now could meet in the queue to another church. As for the holidaysrskiy mountain. Here nurtuye human river. People want to see God in the icon, instead of looking for it in themselves. Everyone has their own way to God. ... And just crazy sparrows were walking their wedding in Witte trees, swimming in the rays of the sun. Something they know about life is what no idea no fans, no pilgrims. For look happier than God. On the Nerukotvornoyi icons … Told