In Vinnitsa region employed nearly a hundred people from among the IDPs who applied to employment centers in Vinnytsia region

870 inhabitants of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts and Crimea, of which 769 people have been officially recognized internally displaced persons appealed to the Regional Employment Service for assistance employment for not Misstsem of residence. Employment service area provided employment 148 persons forced to leave his place of residence (136 of them have the certificate of registration). By direction of employment training were 13 unemployed among such individuals. In public works and other works of a temporary naturewas attended by 22 people. Two individuals have opened their own business after appropriate training at the employment and unemployment benefit once. With the employment of two unemployed in this category are employers of employment service compensation of a single social contribution. Most of these people are turning to the busy centerssti m. Vinnitsa city. Ladyzhin, Zhmerynka, Haysyn and Khmilnytskyi areas. Among IDPs over 33% were legislators, senior government officials, executives, managers and professionals; experts - about 12%; 14% - employees of trade and services; 13.5% belonged to skilled workers with a tool; More than 10% hadelementary occupations. All citizens have the opportunity to see the available vacancies in our region and Ukraine as a whole, as in the employment vacancies uniform basis across the country. All jobs - freely available. Now continue to receive services employment service 496 internally displaced persons, including 418 people - with the status of unemployed. Pro Reported in the Vinnitsa RSA