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In Rivne operatives exposed a criminal group of thieves

Four young men earned their living by stealing public property and then sell it. On account of young boys nine thefts in Rivne region, ten - in Rivne and two thefts from homes in Zhytomyr region. "Worked" boys since last summer. MostlyOn kidnapped batteries for cars, although when "out on the case" was all that came to hand with garage spaces, including power tools, welding machines, battery, electronic line and others. The latest theft boys were also batteries. February 19 in the morning exactly they robbed three by car and escape from the placeI offense for a taxi, they were detained operatives CID police station Rivne. 22-year-old Alexander, who has organized criminal team, his brother, 21-year-old George and 19-year-old Alexander already had a criminal past behind, and 23-year-old Alex sits in the dock for the first time. All four live in the village coat Rivne region and elsewheredo not work. - For all the facts of theft for criminal proceedings, - the interim chief of the police station Rivne Igor Jablonski. - Attackers are reported on suspicion of committing criminal offenses. Group members Alexander and Alexis was elected as a preventive measure - house arrest and two brothers, OleksanDru and Yuri - detention. Law enforcers have to check youths involvement in the commission of other crimes, including theft. All four explain that committed the theft because of the constant lack of money, but want to live better. And now the boys can build their lives of only a few years, because for what they face up to a sixyears imprisonment. Maria YUSTYTSKA, District Police Rivne Ukraine Rivne region