In Rivne man threatening with a pistol, took money from the pensioner

threatening object, like a pistol, a 33-year-old Alex *, a resident of the city jail, took 68-year-old Galina ostrozhanky * Eight thousand. To get a little money, Alex decided to visit his friend Tamara *, who recently sold the car. So refreshedalcohol, people went to Tamara. But the woman was not at home, while her mother opened the door, Galina. Threatening object like a gun that Galina accepted as true, Alex entered the house. After some threats and abuse people demanded the woman money. The frightened Galina gave all his attacker zaoschadzhent, which is eight thousand hryvnia. After receiving the money, Alex left the apartment, and Galina called law enforcement. The next day, police detained Alexei. - Relatively Alexis MB Internal Affairs investigators Ostrog conduct preliminary inquiry under Part 3 of Article 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery). - First Deputy HeadOstrog CF and Ukraine in Rivne region - Chief investigator Mykola Kovalchuk department. - For thus earning Alexei facing imprisonment for up to 12 years. The subject, which threatened the man removed and sent for examination to the Research Forensic Centre at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne regionWhich will define whether it is a firearm. In addition, the investigating judge Ostrog district court with respect Alexis preventive measure in the form of detention. * All names changed for ethical reasons Victoria Antonova, Ostrog MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region