The police found that ternopolyanyna beaten to death 21-year-old Yongkang

Notice of the violent death of 54-year-old inhabitant of the regional center received at remote duty of Ternopil Gorotdel internal affairs of medical aid. Medic said that the man died of multiple injuries and beatings. So to find outthe circumstances of the death of the victim at the scene immediately went investigative team. The police quickly identified the suspect for committing grave crimes. As the head of the Criminal Investigation Yatsuh Stephen to death of the victim involved 21-year-old girlfriend wife of the deceased, a resident of Ternopil region. We know that marriagepryyatelyuvalo a girl long ago, on the eve of the tragedy of women met by chance in the market. Next familiar friend invited guests. Girl eagerly agreed and even picked up a bottle of alcohol with him. While the landlord was sleeping in the next room, the women began to help oneself alcohol. Drank, talked, and after a while they were joined and peopleOvik. I was pouhazhivat to visit, but the drunken girl responded aggressively and hit him in the face. Then the host and the guest began to quarrel. The verbal dispute sharpened. In the heat of Yongkang roughly pushed boyfriend, but he could not resist the legs, fell. Then she seemed mad, began to dig hard kicks man in the sameyvit and head. It is noteworthy that the wife does not even tried to defend Mr Right. Offended at him through courtship to another, silently watched as friend almost finished off an accident. Later, a woman left beaten victim on the floor and went to the cafe for a coffee. Returning home in the evening, his wife found righteous still on the lotinthese, however alive. That little oklyhav and even asked to drink. And in the morning the victim very deteriorated and had to call an ambulance. Doctors who came to call, were shocked by what he saw - numerous bruises on his face and head, broken teeth, fractured ribs and internal slaughter vital organs. Injuries were incompatible with life in healingArnie people died. Law enforcers detained would-be girlfriend. She confessed to the crime, but life is not selected to return. As for investigators suspect opened criminal proceedings under Article 121 qualified part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - grievous bodily harm, which caused the victim's death. Now she is intemporary holding facility. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region

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