In Vinnytsia police establish the identity of the deceased man on the railroad set

Sentinels person fatally injured man, whose body was found on the railroad tracks. Notice of tragedy came to the next line of separation station Vinnitsa. Another of the station Tyushky told law enforcement that stretch Tyushki-Gnivan driver freight trains found between the rails fatally injured man body. At the scene immediately went investigative team. Law enforcement officers to identify the deceased failed. Male looking 30 -35 years, average constitution, height about 160-165 cm., Round face, dark hair medium length, forehead templesecond, straight nose, ears of medium size, yellow teeth on the lower jaw on the left side of the crown of yellow metal. He was wearing a hat knitted gray cloth jacket black with a zipper on the left sleeve and on the left breast pocket a white inscription "SNERVO" knitted jacket brown on voritnyku and nand the lower left side of the jackets with metal lock yellow t-shirt with gray collar and buttons brown pants jeans dark blue pocket with "lightning" in the left leg, belt leather dark color, stitched with red thread with metal buckle impression inscription LEVIS, socks knitted topicstion of the color green with the words HINE, shoes a size 39 brown with brown cloth inserts. "This event is included in the unified accounting statements and reports on committed criminal offenses and other events - says the head of department Vladimir Kazakov line. - The body of a man found injured on the tracks in EYaryshivka same settlements and settlement, Tyvrovsky region. The corpse sent to forensic examination. Currently, law enforcement officers carry out measures to establish the identity of the deceased and the circumstances of his injury. " In order to establish the person fatally injured husband, transport police officers turn to have informed citizens requestingyou any information about the deceased in a linear separation station Vinnitsa, located at:. Vinnitsa, Heroes of Stalingrad area, 1st, or call (067) -433-55-64 (0432) 63-23- 73 (hours). Another line of separation located at Vinnytsia station. SZEM Police Department Ukraine south-westIt Railways