Pope Francis gave five instructions Ukrainian bishops

February 20 Pope Francis took the Vatican bishops Byzantine and Latin rites of Ukraine. The meeting took place during the visit to the Vatican ad limina Apostolorum, which translated from Latin means "the Apostolic threshold", which runs from 16 to 21 February. According to the Sovietsio Vatican, the bishops had the opportunity to personally meet with the Holy Father, sing it « Many Years! & raquo ;. After the common prayer and blessing each of the hierarchy of Pope Francis got into speech. Pope Francis gave Ukrainian bishops n ’ Five guidelines: 1. Pope assured that he knows what is happening in Ukraine – This, according toof Pope's, « serious conflict & raquo ;. The Pope said that prayer « for all the victims and those affected by violence, begging the Lord to soon gave peace to all parties executed the agreements reached and that was honored principle of international law; in particular, to abide recently signed truce ’ and I zdiysnyuvalys all other obligations ’ commitments that are conditions to avoid confrontations recovery & raquo ;. 2. The Pope said that « nationally, bishops are full citizens of their country and therefore have the right to express their opinion on her life. Not in the sense of supporting a specific political actions and pointing out the values ??that would zhurtushafts Ukrainian society strongly continuing tireless quest consent and the common good, even in the face of difficult and complex problems & raquo ;. 3. The Pope said that the crisis in Ukraine has serious consequences since led to the enrichment of a narrow group of people at the expense of the vast majority of citizens. The presence of such a phenomenon, the Pope emphasizes Frantsysk, « also polluted and government agencies. This led to unjust poverty in rich and generous land & raquo ;. Therefore, the Pope urged the bishops: « do not weary your fellow citizens comments that tells you your faith and pastoral responsibility & raquo ;. A sense of justice and truth belongs, according to Papi, the pastoral responsibility of bishops. 4. The Pope raised the topic of relations between the bishops of the Eastern and Western rites in Ukraine, the unity of the episcopate: « I personally sorry to hear that you are misunderstanding between and wound. There is a need for a doctor, and that is Jesus Christ whom you serve generously … I challenge you to find between soboyu way to accept each other and support each other generously in your apostolic labors … So it was very important joint meeting of all the Churches sui iuris, operating in Ukraine. And always be sincere, talking like brothers! & Raquo ;. 5. The Pope urged the bishops of the UGCC and the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine have « respectful and fruitful relationship with derstate bodies, be attentive and caring for the poor to intentions and actions have always been aimed at the common good churches & raquo ;, transmits source. Told

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