In Malin Zhytomyr region police detained

would-be builder to Malynsky Gorotdel police turned a resident of the county seat of notification of the theft of her store. Operatives criminal investigation identified the thief and arrested him. At the scene indicated by the applicant at left investigative team, as workersfirst found that the night is unknown damaged shop door, entered inside and out stole building materials 5 thousand and UAH 600 full-time earnings. Information about the event was included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations Part 3 185 (Theft, coupled with the penetration of the premises) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. In the resultsthose undertaken investigative and search measures on suspicion of having committed an offense of Criminal Investigation investigators arrested previously convicted 35-year-old from Kiev, who admitted guilt. Currently, law enforcement check his involvement in similar crimes. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region