rescuers took part in the meeting of the East Ukraine who live in Rivne

February 21 in the premises of the Rivne Oblast Library met residents of Donetsk and Lugansk, temporarily residing in Rivne. At the meeting were invited lawyers, representatives of Employment, immigrationher services, social welfare, psychologists, volunteers, rescue workers led by Deputy Chief of DSNS region Lieutenant Colonel Alexander civil protection Mohryka. The main purpose of the meeting was to people who were forced to leave areas of TUs were able to meet and get acquainted, shareysya their problems and achievements. Participants were informed in detail about all the changes in the legislation concerning social security. However, citizens receive satisfactory answers on resettlement, health care, training and education of children in pre-school and school education, employment and recover lost eDOCUMENT. In turn, the head of the Public « about All-Ukrainian ’ union forced displaced persons « Ukraine – my family ’ I » » Boris Pasychnyuk thanked the invited guests for useful information and comprehensive assistance in solving problems. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region