The police detained two suspects in the robbery of Vinnytsia

employees of the city police arrested two 21-year-old boys who reasonably suspected of robbery committed. By applying physical force to 22-year-old citizen of Vinnytsia, young men took him two mobile phones. To the city police department asked a local resident, a statement Mr.bus robbery. The man said that five unfamiliar guys got him in the basement. Two of them, using physical force, took from him two mobile phones. After a series of operational measures, police identified the attackers. They were five local residents aged 19 to 21 years. In this incident modkryto criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Art. 186 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (robbery, combined with the penetration of housing). Offenders could face up to eight years in prison. After all necessary investigations, police will be given final legal qualification of the actions of all participants in the offense. Ongoing investigation. In VMV SZEMMIA Ukraine in Vinnitsa region