The police warned again: no one under any circumstances give out details of their bank cards Believing psevdobankivskym

employees "Privat", two residents of Ternopil lost money with payment cards. With one account was deactivated UAH 500, on the other - 1300. The fact that her credit card missing money, 33-year-old ternopolyankafound only a month. The woman wanted to pay the loan and saw that its "electronic wallet" removed 1300 UAH. The loss of money from the account linked to the victim by telephone, which came on the eve of alleged employee "Privat". The interviewer, posing as security staff of financial institutions, urged women to riskto lose money due to cyberattack unknown persons. Therefore villain learned in ternopolyanky card number and other personal information and credit card withdrew money. The same trouble befell the 32-year resident of our city. From his account removed five hundred hryvnia. A man could lose much more, but it is timely to recognize fraudulent scheme and zabloforged card. As the victim recalls, it is also called the alleged "Privat" and was told that the account trying to illegally charge. So attackers spy he bank payment card. For fraud police opened criminal proceedings. The perpetrators wanted. The police again and again SAGterihayut area residents from fraud and no stress in no circumstances to report details of their bank cards. Remember this is confidential information. Employees of financial institutions will never ask over the phone personal customer data. Also Listen to the advice of police officers, following which you do not getis fettered by crooks and save your money: - In any case not disclose to anyone the expiration date (4 digits of the card number at eg 09/17), CVV-code (3 digits on the back of the card is usually printed on the signature panel after figures); - Do not give the card for use by others, including relatives; - Set daily limit withdrawal; - Periodically check the status of funds in the account; - If you are unsure whether or not you ring true worker - ask when and in which department you can approach to solve the problem in person rather than over the phone. Finally, be sure to tell us about this kind of fraud all your family and friends. Whatmore people are informed, the less they will fall into the snare of rogues. When you took the trouble immediately call the police call in Ternopil (0352) 30.12.27, 27.12.58 or 102.Vashe prompt treatment will help save you money and identify rogue. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region