In the Rivne region to the common cause and joined police Bereznovsky

workers Bereznovsky police station, on its own initiative, joined the gathering help, organized volunteers for his countrymen, who is taking part in the ATO in the Donetsk region. Before leaving for our countrymen that protect the integrityUkraine in the eastern regions of the country to meet with police chief Bereznovsky invited residents Berezne 49-year-old Sergei, who went to the area ATO volunteer and has repeatedly been at the forefront and took part in the fighting. He collected and passed all the help, and this warm socks, hygiene products, a set of tools for the car, which there wouldrakuvalo and drill. As a side not left any police officer. The police, without hesitation, agreed to help. Everyone wanted to contribute to the common cause, and thus support those who now is at the forefront of service - said District Police Chief Bereznovsky in Oleg Wednesday. - Although our colleagues at the police station also stayinging in the area of ??administrative units, but we are all people, and help in a time of need is not easy for all, so we hope that all necessary that we have become useful soldiers. In conclusion, the head of the district police department wished soldiers return home alive and healthy. Sergey, in turn, thanked all indifferent guards who participateding the action. Svetlana Boychura Bereznovsky District Police