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In the Lviv region in two schools Horodotsoho district initiated svobodovtsev solid fuel boilers installed in

Gorodots'kyi district mshanskiy and kernytskiy schools initiative Svoboda Igor Mykhailyshyn purchased and installed boilers for solid fuels and is an alternative to gas. &Quot; As part of the loan program " savingsof " bank " Lions " provided two school loan of 1 million. USD. For these funds in December last year with the assistance Horodotska District of PA " Freedom " were purchased high boilers, which we launched in early February this year & quot ;, - said Igor Mykhailyshyn. He also described the advantages of solid-catLiv: " These schools were burned 50 thousand cubic meters of gas during the heating season, and now they will not spend it all. Now schools warmer is available over Russian gas created eight jobs, our people bring fuel. That economic chain locked, not as formerly paid for Russian gas - heat filed. There are alsoeconomy: we sell 1 GCal 850 USD. but, for example, the city utilities sell 1 Gcal for 1150 UAH .; also those who had been on balance school, go to our balance sheet and we pay them wages that education department is saving each month on salaries at each school to 10 thousand. UAH & quot ;. &Quot; We have all the possibilitiesand not buy Russian gas. Moreover, we have over 3 million uncultivated land that can be planted, say, energy willow, and we do not need Russian gas. And running a dozen bioethanol plants we could abandon the Russian oil. We can be completely energy independent country! &Quot; -svobodivets said. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "