Verdict volynyanyn heard that a taxi driver with a knife attacked the attacker

will be in jail for two years if commit a new crime. A resident IPB after loud feast called a taxi. In the car the man started a conversation with the driver. In a moment the passenger did not like the response of the driver, so indecently began his statementtysya and threatened him with physical violence. For the credibility of his words enraged man appointed to the neck than talking and ordered to go to the gas station. The driver, fearing for life, executed convincing "request" passenger. But using distraction drunken passenger, the taxi driver stopped the vehicle and jumped out of the cabin. Bandit withknife rushed after, but failed to catch him, so went back to the car. His anger he zihnav the car: knife damaged interior panels and bonnet. Arrived on the scene police officers who stopped the criminal actions of the bully and seized a knife. Novovolynsky City Court sentenced bully Volyn region for three years and sixmonths imprisonment with a probation period of two years for committing a criminal offense under Part. 4. 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Given that the defendant was fully reimbursed damages, awarded to the victim to pay five thousand non-pecuniary damage. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region