In the Rivne Oblast State Service employees of the National Assembly rescued fisherman who fell through the ice

On February 20th 13:04 to Rescue the number « 101 » of bystanders was reported that the pond in the village. Hoscha man fell through the ice. At the scene immediately went another guard the 16th state of the Fire and Rescue Mr.and led by executing Duty ’ yazky division chief captain Civil Protection Yuri Tsaltsalko. Arriving at the address, rescuers saw, which is about 15 meters from the water floundering people. It turned out that the victim is an avid fisherman 56-year-old disabled and the first group that moves only with invalidnoho cart. Fortunately, the depth of the reservoir in the place was only half a meter, but to get out on their own ice trap the man who brought him ’ knitted wheelchair, could not. At the direction of Captain Tsaltsalka rescuers using fire and rescue rope ladders carefully got out of the water fishing and promptly brought it to shore. Not neckvyvshy in remaining injury, employees of the State Service of the National Assembly helped 56-year-old man to get home. PG DSNS in Rivne region