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In Khmelnytsky to 8 years in prison sentenced a man who beat to death a disabled

tragedy occurred in early August 2014 in a village Vinkovetsky area. In the dock was 30-year-old man who deprived of life 51-year-old odnoselchanyna, a disabled group II. Despite the large age difference between men waitbut there were conflicts. So that evening both rested at a local cafe. Again, something is divided and began to sort things out using fists. Opponents roziynyaly friends. Later they were several times "in sparring" in the street. It is clear that the forces were unequal, because older people suffered from heart and had a second group of disability. So bodiesky he went to his own apartment, as fell to the floor unconscious. In this state, his wife revealed. The woman immediately caused a "fast", but doctors have not been able to rectify anything - a man died on the spot. Doctors diagnosed intracranial injury in the form of acute subdural hematoma, bleeding in the soft meninges, bruises and slaughterand wounds in the face and a number of serious injuries that caused death. Regarding the suspect was launched criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 121 "Premeditated grievous bodily harm that resulted in death of the victim" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Recently Vinkovetsky District Court considered material proceedings and sentenced the accusedto 8 years in prison and pay more than 60 thousand moral and material damage to victims. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region