Chinese laminate - is it worth taking?

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We have great respect for the Chinese people, but unfortunately, too many cheap, butcompletely defective products, comes to us from the country. Laminated flooring is no exception to this long list. Low-quality laminate, made from poor materials in violation of all conventional techniques, does not leave the floor coverings market for one reason only. Cheap cost of making kitproducts of Ai invincible. Experts estimate that about 40% of laminate flooring sold in Ukraine, it is made in China. In this case, unscrupulous and dishonest sellers often give these products for the goods produced by well-known companies.

The principle of « Cheap, does not mean - quality & raquo ;, a direct hatics Chinese laminate flooring manufacture. Low from China comes not from healthy competition or reduce the cost of production due to the introduction of any modern technology. Flag raw materials and complete inability to European standards of production materials for the floor - this is what allows the Chinese to keep their laminatepositions in the sales.

Chinese laminate

What really lies behind the cheap cost of laminate flooring, came to us from China? Poor quality and short lifetime - that's not the worst aspects of this material. Laying laminate made in full disagreement with environmental Trements, threatens irreparable harm to health. In China, there is no strict limits on the presence of harmful chemicals in products intended for residential premises. By European standards, building products for housing can not include in its composition of raw materials and dyes containing poisonous impurities. This is strictly controlled, solaminate famous brands will not cause any harm to people living in the room with this kind of sex. Contents in Chinese laminate phenol-formaldehyde resin leads to the release of formaldehyde into the air, extremely hazardous substance. His constant inhalation leads to many diseases, and may even provoke cancer processy in the body. The first sign by which to identify the laminate made in China, it is very strong and long-lasting chemical smell. Chinese laminate no markings and no instructions for its installation.

Features of Chinese laminate

Another difference between the Chinese laminate flooring - it doski much shorter accepted standard itself is more like a laminate plywood. Laminated panel does not have sufficient thickness and color of the plate does not correspond to the usual laminate brown and green. Laminated boards are not waterproof impregnation, so even a small humidity will lead to their failure. Chinese manufacturersand, in view of the absence of its own manufacturing technology laminate locking systems, locks trying to copy well-known companies. Trying to repeat the patented device to success does not, and celebrated the strength of laminate flooring is much reduced if it is Chinese. The result is a low lifetime, which inleads to soon replace the flooring.

Save when buying Chinese laminate

The savings when purchasing Chinese laminate, this thing is ill-conceived and unprofitable. Purchase of certified products for years to come will make you forget about the repair and replacement of the floor and protect against harmful influences. Not ZabaWhite on saying about the mean, who pays twice. Acquisition of low-quality laminate flooring from China but problems and extra costs will not bring nothing.

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