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Among the variety of choices today as the mostits popular materials for finishing the floors and walls in rooms of various purposes are laminate and wallpaper respectively. Correctly chosen not only for the desired appearance, but also the necessary performance characteristics, depending on the features of the room, as well as follow-up finishes, laminate flooring andvarious types and kinds of wallpaper, presented in the widest assortment on display hardware stores, in addition, an affordable price and ease of installation and gluing sufficiently impressive lifespan.

What you need to remember when choosing wallpaper and laminate

At the same time, choosing one or another type abouts or laminate, it must be remembered that as a result the interior is supposed to be harmonious, but just the floor and walls are his unshakable foundation. Therefore, it is on them and « tied » the whole concept of harmony and stylistic execution room.

So, as a rule, – this is the first thing fordumyvayutsya planning repairs. For the most part this is due to a broad range of research, as well as higher costs. Thus, in choosing wallpaper is necessary not only on the basis of color harmony and harmonious contrast between the floor and walls of the room, but also based on the combination of textures, because laminate the broadestrange of simulations of different species of wood, stone, tile, even green lawns, the carpet of fallen autumn leaves and more. So « wood » depending on the version of its execution (an antique palace varnished parquet, country-style, etc.) as well can be combined with solid smooth and embossed wallpaper (« plaster & raquo ;, « under the textiles & raquo ;, « wood » and so forth.) and patterned on the walls. In addition, even if the choice fell on the creation of the contrast between the walls and floor in color, it is worth remembering rule – use only warm or range, or only cold!

The combination laminala and wallpapersin different rooms

It is also logical to assume, in accordance with what is being operated or that the room you decide to buy laminate. Since laminate, for example, for the kitchen or hallway, featuring high strength class, as well as water-resistant properties, will naturally sochetatsya wallpaper on the walls, like different characteristics. It may be thick wallpaper which is easy to clean, including using water: non-woven, vinyl, so-called liquid, applied to the wall on the ink type, as well as glass fiber, often used for further painting in the desired color and pattern. However, it should hAran think that relief selected wallpaper should, where appropriate, to be easily cleaned of dirt, that is, the surface of the wallpaper is desirable should not contain shallow and deep « & raquo ;, then that may accumulate dirt. For living rooms and bedrooms is fully applicable version of the wallpaper that mimic the structure and surfacetissue or smooth paper wallpaper matching color and pattern.

It's amazing harmony with the most popular laminate « wood » give different wallpapers with images of natural scenery, allowing not only to create a unique natural-natural, eco-friendly atmospherein the room, but also expand the space visually.
emphasize the concept of sustainability, as well as further insulate the walls and soundproof room will blend laminate flooring with an imitation not only appearance, but also the texture of wood or bamboo with a cork wall coverings, today successfully used inas wallpaper.

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