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How to keep and breed nutria at home?


Our little review will focus on the insides as well as the features that you should consider when they are breeding in the home. Special thanks to the portal for meaningful advice in this area.

These animals until recently were considered wild animals. Their appearance resembles the usual Foundationlabor, which lives in burrows near water. However, the man was able to tame and this ugly-looking animal. Naturally, the nutria are rodents, so their contents requires the creation of an environment in which the nutria can not damage the useful area of ??the dwelling sharp teeth.

Whycontain a nutria ?

Now the content of nutria is practiced in many privately owned and there are several reasons. Their breeding in the home can be used simply to obtain valuable fur or meat usefulfor home cooking. But there is another reason for breeding nutria . It includes breeding nutria as. Indeed, this nondescript animal can bring a very large income with proper care and creating optimal conditions for a good peveloping nutria .

The principles of breeding and nutria

Whatever the reason, it is necessary to provide worthy content nutria . Toit is necessary to create conditions for these animals, to be natural. It's worth noting that the nutria is very heat-loving, and therefore require appropriate temperature for the content. In winter, it is necessary to provide a warm and dry place for the establishment of cells, because usually nutria kept in cages for a few individuals. In the summer, in the forcesat the natural features of these animals, it is necessary to construct a trough in pens and pods for drinking copious nutria , also separately mounted deep trough for swimming animals (nutria love water). Special attention is required winter maintenance nutria. During the winter, such water treatment is completely stopped. This is done in full accordance with the natural conditions in which all the rivers freeze in winter and water nutria taken exclusively from juicy food – tubers, stocks grass. Successful content nutria requires special undercooking the interior for the winter this animal. The room should be very warm, carpeted floors need to warm a bed of grass. Conditions of nutria should be special, because these animals are very susceptible to cold. They are very responsive to cold weather, especiallya negative impact on the cold legs and tails on nutria . These parts of the body in general are not protected animal or plant and the first frost might suffer in the absence of warm conditions in the room.

Rules Care Nutri

Breeding and maintenance of nutria in the home requires proper care of these animals. Remember that nutria are a family of rodents and because if not handled properly can pounce, bite or scratch. Generally very good nutriastuffy animals, but they just do not need to get angry. They used to live near the water, and because during the warm season it is necessary to provide for the nutria free swimming – organize local pools of water baths. Warm cell is important not only for the normal and healthy state of the nutria, but also for normal pregnancyof nutria and the further development of her puppies. Houses for nutria to make necessary because of strong material that will help ensure the safety of the home (nutria can simply cut the fragile structure for your content).

It is important to ensure adequate food nutria, which should be varied and balanced. In the wild nutria eat mainly succulent roots, grass, fish. Strongly deviate from such a diet is not necessary. Of course, there is no possibility to keep the whole household food naturalness to accustomednutria. But as close as possible to the natural homemade diet of these animals is still possible. Since nutria used to firm and juicy fodder, you can give them grain food that is saturated with water. To do this, the grain of any type (beans, wheat, rye), soaked for several hours in water, then it can be fed nutria in purethe form, you can add the chopped potatoes and juicy green grass.

Conditions of nutria should be more in line with the natural conditions of their stay. Subject to any rules breeding and nutria you can get from this animal valuable fur and tasty meat with many useful substances.

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