The advantages of using webinars for training new employees

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In a study conducted by Wainhouse Research, 70 % of teachers believe that more effective than independent learning, and 57% believe that the use of webinars to educate new employees is of great value.

Each company has different training needs of new employees, depending on such factors as the size, culture and turnover. Some provide training to new people as a distinct and immediate, while others may plan training sessions 1 time per month for the whole group.

Some companies use only remote workers, so gather them together would be impossible. Anyway, the use of webinars for training new employees is an innovative idea, whether studying alone or studying in groups.

actually, despite the fact that webinars are virtual, when properly configured, they can be more interactive and exciting than personal meetings. Next, we consider the main "+" use webinars for adaptation.


cost Reduction

In the past, the training of new employees was an expensive but necessary initiative. First, you need an organizer for organizing the event and all that it involves. In this case, you need to fork out for the place, food and drinks, handouts and travel expenses.

At the same time, you still have to pay the participants for the days when they trained. But when you use webinars for training new employees, you save on:

  • location and decoration;
  • food and drinks
  • handouts;
  • travels,
  • unnecessary time spent on the logistics of attending seminars.

Increase productivity

Consider the cost of wasted time for traditional teaching methods: each employee and the coach will need to get to places and back. As a company, you pay for the time they spend on it. Determine the cost of 1 hour per person, and you will begin to understand that the use of webinars for training new employees makes sense.


Easy track

keep Track of who attends training for new employees using webinars a lot easier because during the process in which e-mail is used, different from teaching on the subject when you have to rely on the old method using a clipboard and pen for attendees to sign to indicate attendance.

Online process assignments and homework a lot easier to track using webinars. With one click find out how many people attended training and how much is left and other statistics.


Create a good impression

To continue the desired culture of your company, it is important to set the tone from the beginning: the perception of the company, the new employee determines the level of commitment and pride with which they carry out their work.

the Use of webinars for training new employees - this is an exceptional way to set the standard. Software for webinars enables companies to mark the entire webinar interface with your own logos and colors.

In addition, the webinar process is simplified, and not much can go wrong, although you need to make sure that you have the correct hardware and software.

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