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Friends! It's no secret that for nthe last one year are just wildly popular. But how to decide what is worth watching and what is not?

To find the answer to this question, we enlisted the help of site administrators (the site is in the top 10 best you'll ever need on Turkish TV series). talking with them, we decided to make the TOP3 best Turkish TV series online, which for the last year scored the most number of spectators to display online:

1 place

Magnificent Century 1, 2, 3, 4 season / Muhtesem Yuzyil (Roxolana. Veli?na stolіttya) - historical and epic saga, best Turkish series won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. Year: 2011-2014. You will see the Universityikalny story about pravlyannya period of Sultan Suleiman I (the Magnificent) and his love to Roksalany (she got into a harem of Suleiman the I against their will, step by step, became the favorite concubine of the Sultan, and then his only legitimate wife, who bore him a legitimate heirs. She went through captivity, betrayal, intrigue sultanyard. As a result, the heart of a powerful ruler era belonged to her.
Heroes series: Suleiman the Magnificent (Halit Ergen?), Ibrahim Pasha (Okan Yalab?k) Hjurrem (Meryem Uzerli),
Gunsur Mehmet (Mehmet Gunsur), Valide Sultan (Nebahat Chehre), Bali Bay (Burak Ozdzhivit), Hatice Sultan (Selma Erge?) Mahidevran Sultan (Nur Aisa), Sumbul aga (Selim Bayraktar) and other …

2nd place

sends. Homecoming / Sila (Strength. Povernennya Dodoma) – Turkish TV series look zriteteley Millions around the world. Production year: 2008.
The show will tell you about a simple girl named sends (Cansu Dere), which got into another world with its own traditions and upbringing, trying to change the tradition for the sake of their own happiness. and does so with PtsYan wise approach. Event series is currently taking place in the Turkish city - Mardin. Sends wants to be the tradition and love to live in harmony with each other. In general, the series is very interesting, full of so many sharp moments. Actors series: Cansu Dere (sends), Mehmet Akif Alakurt (Buran), Menderes Samandzhylar, Zeynep Eronat, Devrim Saltoglu, Kartal Balaban, Bondzhuk Yilmaz, Tayan? Ayayd?n, Jemal Toktash, Fatosh Sezer, Fatosh Tez, Dzhyunet Tyurel, Ismet Hyurmyuzlyu.


Destiny sisters / Kucuk Kad? Nlar (Little Women ) &Ndash; series will tell you about the life of 5 different sisters who grow up in a large Turkish family. Their relationships with their parents are just wonderful. Their life goes on quietly and steadily. The course of events dramatically changed from the time when the parents of these girls find themselves in a difficult emergency situation tragically killed. Sisters etto know immediately. Horror and fear of the future - it is now normal for young sisters. Each of us has probably little idea about what will happen when parents Our projects will be transferred to another world. But to us it seems so far away ... Year: 2008 Actors series: Ekin T?rkmen, Ali Ile, Hande Sora, Fulya Zendzhiner, Celine Ilgar, Elite Izdzhan Burak Sagyasar, Kemal Pekser and other …

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