The advice to the beginner in roofing works

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the Roof is necessary to protect the integrity of the entire building, preventing the influence of various natural factors. The quality of the work performed will depend on the reliability and durability of not only the roof but also of the entire structure. Performing the price will include the cost of material and scope of work.


Roofing pie

Any roof is a structure of several layers, which experts call a roofing pie. One element is placed on another in a certain sequence that cannot be broken. Each layer has certain properties, performing protective or other functions. Great importance has external overlap.



Many people wonder about how much is a roof of metal under the key. There have influence the company's relationship with the manufacturer of the material. If you signed any agreement, then maybe the company offers low prices.

Carrying out the installation of the roof turnkey price per m2 should include all components. The necessary calculations has been a specialist measurer, which also is the estimate for the coming work.


Select company

Many understand that their own to lay the roof is not necessary, because it can lead to serious consequences. Choose a company that you entrust the execution of the roofing work is very carefully, studying all freely available information. The first thing to pay attention to customer feedback, but it is understood that some of these opinions may be written by the company.

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