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Modern business processes involve the execution of different tasks aimed at systematizing the data. In this case, the software solution is the best choice for any enterprise. This is a professional information system that was designed specifically for those users who are actively using the software 1C:Enterprise .

this system presents the most relevant tips necessary for taxation of transactions related to economic sphere, step-by-step guide to displaying information in the program, guidance on insurance, accounting and tax reporting, as well as various add-ons, news and reviews of professionals on topics related to accounting personnel, tax and accounting resources.

the Program ETS PROF

the Materials of this program are updated regularly, so users can monthly to learn about new features and add-ons that can be useful in various business processes.

the Information system, this solution designed exclusively for IT employees, accountants, designers, economists, accountants, personnel workers and managers.

Among the main advantages of the system is to provide the following:

  • ease of use;
  • the
  • easy integration into business processes;
  • the
  • the ability to fully accounting for and control of all data.

Target audience of this program are experts in the field of information technology which specializiruetsya in the creation, revision and maintenance of configurations, designed to work with commercial companies.

Buying the program in the company VDGB, customers can take advantage of many other services. If you want to get expert advice, then you need to call the number 8 (800) 775-90-01 or fill out the feedback form on the official.

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