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If you ever took a course in a foreign language, you probably know what teachers and professors implore students not to use Google Translate as a tool to perform tasks (by the way, , you can read how to use the smartphone's camera and Google translator offline). However, many students go ahead and put their English essays in the online machine to get a well-translated text in Spanish. The only problem is that most teachers can tell you that when a student used an online translator such as Google Translate, often, the translation is inaccurate, but fast.

the Way Google Translate is that it uses the frequency of pairs of words between the two languages as a database for its translation. Although this works well in some cases, it often means that he cannot translate the translation in its proper context without human help. In fact, in some cases, this may lead to direct errors or extremely awkward literal translations. Although they can often be funny, nothing funny about the fact that you are wrong in a serious transfer business documents or when critical information is transmitted incorrectly. So be sure after Google translation translators read the text again. Now we'll talk about the main benefits of using Google Translator.

the benefits of using Google translator:

  • Google Translator works blazingly fast. So fast that no human translator or team of translators, cannot hope to compete with him in speed. A professional can translate 3 thousand. words per 8-hour day. But Google Translate can do it instantly;
  • Google translator free. Google's translation tool does not require any investment of funds;
  • Google Translate uses statistical translation method, not an approach based on rules. As a result, many (but not all) translations are selected from a human translation, which is already online.


Google's translation Tool is a major step forward in the field of technology transfer. Google Translate is a free, fast and more accurate than other tools online translation. But even such a great tool is not always accurate translation. That is why it is important to read the translated text and correct mistakes.

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