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What it really means to live a human life? Where to find the line between a living person and a robot made in his likeness? These matters were considered by a famous writer David cage, who is also the founder of Quantic Dream. With the above questions, the writer tried to understand the game, which was called Detroit: Become Human. Want to know more just to play the new version? Then pre-order the new version of detroit become human here , delivery in Moscow promise in the day of order! Take advantage of this unique opportunity, as well as browse the entire range presented in the catalog store, where in addition to a variety of games can enjoy the console, accessories and other products.



I'm Sure many of the players already resigned to the fact that interactive movie on PS is Milescu and a straightforward plot, where the authors of the game project literally by the hand lead the player through all the game missions. Precisely this situation was observed in many previous games. But in the case Detroit is quite different.

the action takes place in Detroit in the year 2038. This city game is one of the most developed in the world as the inventor Elijah Kama, could make a real revolution, creating a powerful Corporation. This Corporation specializiruetsya in the production of modern androids with high-tech features. A special feature is that these androids look very similar to people. The only difference, which identifies the top, is a ring with led light, located in the temporal area.

Thanks to the emergence of androids, human life has become so simple and carefree that all of this has led to negative consequences, as most professions were unclaimed and disappeared from the market. People have lost jobs, had rallies and strikes. Further, the plot of the game unfolds in unexpected ways, so we recommend to play this game to pass all the interesting levels and feel the deep meaning inherent in the project.

note that the developers worked hard to create a detailed game world in which everything is under the control of the technology while human labor was no longer needed.

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