How to win in court?

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Today we will learn how to win the trial and what circumstances affect the outcome of the court session. Most people think: the results are directly linked from the "truth" of the defendant, or on the ability of defenders to speak properly. So, let's get to know the truth and will tell us about this Voronezh employee of the legal company "Lex Public": .


the Truth of participants

Who is really at fault and who is telling the truth?It seems to know it's simple, if you rely on our codes. But all the time everyone speaks their truth, and the result is fed only at the end of the process. Today all courts are based not only on the laws that govern particular region relationship.

distinguished Procedure code. Speaking in simple words, it is important not only bills, but also evidence and strong arguments. All this helps to find the truth to questions of winning in court. Not the last role belongs to and the correct adherence of the entire judicial process.

by using this good lawyers no doubt overwhelm even the most compelling evidence of their opponents, saying that their evidence is available from large disturbances.


the Rhetoric of the lawyer

Lawyers of the highest category, mainly in the movie, often telling long, eloquent speech, keep in mind it has long been a plan in court to become a winner. In reality, of course, is not true. It is clear that the ability to properly and convincingly act is already something, but in our country it is necessary to act before a qualified judge and not before a jury. It is not strange that the question is serious, the small the role of ability speaks volumes.



In reality, the final results of a huge number of processes in court are directly dependent on the professionalism and structure of the mind. All the facts can be analyzed in different ways because our laws are quite contrary to each other. The matter is important to from the beginning correctly.

it is Important, giving the answer is not less competent speech on the question of whether there is a possibility to win a court case without a lawyer, the answer is Yes, but intelligently without trial no. As always there's only one side won the case. What to do then? Everything is possible: from appeals and ending with prevarication from the implementation of court decisions.

everybody knows that now a lot depends on luck, but to rely on her unreasonable. Than will be experienced literacy and responsibility, the high the chances of judicial success.

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