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to avoid mistakes in buying and make the right choice, Kermi radiators official site offers familiarization with their products. A wide range of heating devices, equipment, components, a detailed description of the design features of each model and affordable price allow you to make the correct purchase. If the need arises, help will always come experienced consultants who thoroughly know the products Kermi .


Choosing a connection

today, the most popular are . First of all, it should provide comfort liner and operating model. Effective the device is fabricated from the best raw materials on innovative technology that is the key to long and trouble-free operation.

Affordable, reliable and durable steel radiator with bottom connection looks aesthetically pleasing in the home. It is placed on the wall, and the liner is not visible, it is perfectly camouflaged in the floor or under the baseboard. This is especially important when the design of the interior, as well as in areas intended for major events and grandiose celebrations.

Through the use of innovative technologies in the production process, in the end the consumer gets the heating equipment, which significantly reduces the consumption of energy. High-end devices enjoy the unflagging demand. In addition to classic design and compact size, the radiators have a durable coating that protects them from mechanical damage. The manufacturer treats the surface of the powder coating after application of the primer and the next step gets a multilayer paint coating. The device does not emit hazardous contaminants into the space even when heated up strongly, all raw materials used in the manufacture are safe and comply with the norms and EU standards.

FKV Radiators 22 are equipped with all necessary devices for connection to the heating system. A long and trouble-free operational period the equipment guarantees not only a perfect build quality, but all components, including reinforcing flaps, clearly sealed welded seams and carbon steel. Operational efficiency and cost savings are important characteristics of Steering devices , which have long been loved by domestic consumers.

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