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Proper selection of components and well-executed technical calculation allow to create the most reliable, efficient and economical heating system that provides warmth and comfort in the house. On the website you can pick up the necessary equipment for each specific case. This can be done independently or, in case of difficulty, refer to experienced consultants who possess complete information. You can contact them by telephone and email (quick response guaranteed).


the Device side connection

One - and two-pipe heating system of the closed type is used as the battery model heaters with side and bottom connection type. The radiators due to the large availability of sizes and types of connections make it easy. Distinctive features of the equipment of known German concern are high quality, unique design, in particular, the Therm X2 technology, wide range, reliability and long service period.

In comparison with sectional panels on radiators Kermi price is lower per unit of the power output provided the same heat. The classic version equipment with side connection requires additional configuration in the form of a thermostat and a faucet for him. You can then install the gate valve.

Considering the design of the radiators, it should be noted that to increase heat transfer on the batteries 11,12, 22 and 33 mounted convector grid showing increasing efficiency by 60 %. Steel panel radiator consists of a stamped low carbon steel sheets welded together. They meet the EU requirements for all criteria. Before entering the trading network of the heating device are subject to mandatory control and verification on the strength characteristics.

the Manufacturer uses two-layer protection of the surface of radiator paints. Pre-primed surface and is processed by powder spraying. Base color compact profile of the device is white. Due to the special coating of the battery are highly resistant to mechanical damage and do not emit any harmful contaminants at high heat. Such high consumer characteristics along with low cost lead to an increased demand for products from this brand.

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