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When improving your body there are a huge number of nuances that must be considered to achieve a positive effect. These nuances are not limited to program development, a variety of exercises and also the purchase of sports uniforms, shoes and catering. To be the focus on the difficult path of self-improvement, first and foremost, it is necessary to select the sports club.


selecting a gym: what you need to pay attention?

do not be Guided by information on the websites of sports clubs, not recommendations and reviews, but only our own observations. That is why, when choosing a sports club, you need to find suitable options and analyze them according to these criteria:

  • Location. This item is very important because the distance from your work/home to the sports club will be in a lot to determine the mood, directly in which you need to visit: spoiled congestion and traffic jams or in a good short walk;
  • a Huge selection of available exercise machines and weights. Choosing a specific gym, pay attention directly to it equipment. Thus, the number of free weights and exercise machines must meet the amount involved in it. It is not necessary to give the preference to clubs with a variety of equipment, but the lack of dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells. In addition, equipment should be evaluated not only in quantitative aspects but in quality;
  • the Availability of equipment during peak hours (congestion). It is better to choose directly during his visit at peak hours. Often sports clubs loaded max on weekdays from 18.00 to 22.00;
  • Ventilation. This aspect in choosing a sports club is very important, since the hall can be equipped with the latest technology and like you on all counts, but poor ventilation can easily do classes in it is not comfortable;
  • Qualified trainers. All the respectable sports clubs without exception on the 1st request of the client provide information about the coaching staff - they must have certificates and diplomas that attest to their competence and professionalism.

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