The server problems of the modern world of telecommunications

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after Considering the current rapid growth of information streams is to say that without high-quality data transmission channels we will be quite difficult to organize a data center or network attached storage. The same can be said about the hosting where every client is necessary to provide unlimited hosting . There may simply not be enough capacity and have to expand architecture, or modernize. In simple terms, when it is necessary to create a local network, you can use a regular hub and connect it to computers and other Ethernet devices, using . But across the Internet generally apply more modern and progressive communication channels and the location of such cables remains at home or in the server when it is necessary to coordinate the work of multiple devices.

Yes, now a dedicated server for the site and the availability of a whole data center for data storage, albeit expensive, but very profitable business. There, with the need for secure data transmission channels can apply the patch cord utp cat 5e1, fiber optic cable or use other ways of transmission, although it is now gradually building quantum computers the qubits and there is used a fundamentally new information. However, while the aging channels such as wired (where applicable twisted pair cable or patch cord utp), have plenty of time, we can use them, if you want to have noise and completely secure data channels. For hosting on the website with dedicated servers and a separate data warehouse, today it is the one way data transmission, in which the easiest way to organize qualitative information is protected from external attacks.

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