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Today there are a huge number of cinema lovers who gather near the "blue screen", immediately once released another new movie. By the way, movies 2017, new items are already published on the portal: . Next, we will look at 2 films this year that deserve your attention.


"Thor: Ragnarok" from "Marvel Studios"

Wait for any of the author's findings from a film made by the Studio "marvel" - it's a thankless job, but we and do not ask moreover, the combination of Director Taika Waititi with a story about male friendship Hulk and Thor are capable of bringing impressive results.

Waititi is a Director from New Zealand, who has directed such comedies as "Hunt the savages" and "Real vampires", brings in the most unattractive and bleak story of all the films about the superheroes of marvel universe, this much-needed lightness.

it is Also possible that Chris Hemsworth (Australian actor who played Thor) will be in this film to show his gift of comic that he showed in the movie "Vacation" and "Ghostbusters".

of Course, you will hardly laugh while watching the whole movie because Norse mythology, "Ragnarok" is nothing but "doomsday". But if Mark Ruffalo (the Hulk) and Hemsworth will come out to create a Comedy team, a La Bob hope + Bing Crosby in the movies "the Road ", then "path to Apocalypse" is not completely terrible.


"Star wars (Star Wars): Episode VIII" from Lucasfilm

Invitation to Ryan Johnson, who directed such films as "Brick" and "looper," directed "Star Wars" is the most unexpected choice for the time of production of this Saga. By the way, if not to take into account the ideas of George Lucas (Creator of Star wars), Johnson is the only member of both writer and Director of the 1st series.

Very little chance that the yet-untitled 8th episode of "Star Wars" will be as unbeatable as the film "the Brothers bloom" also shot Ryan Johnson, but after a first-class, though not utterly spectacular productions JJ Abrams, clearly it is time to bring a fresh perspective to the 3rd trilogy this movie cycle.

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