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Ostend rocky blesst countries zgod svo? PLoS zapisannogo the ground s meta wirewound blogo I accnos vroiau. Teplychne economy in us razvivatsa not burleva Yak bi hotelsa, ale trend paviment all the same, yea, Danian at the time TSE of about 3000 hectares, in one hour Yak tak country Yak: Turkey, Spania, Nederland mayut more 10 000 hectares pokrytyh teplicam.

Blesst Teplice in our country projektovanja I bucuvalas has 10 to 20 years, the basic materials for h vigotovlennya Boule metal, not tree and nacrite often vykorystovuyutsia slopes I pluca. Only in ostan 5 years more active when vigotovlennya Teplice pocha use such a build material, the Yak polcarbonate.

When I projektovani vigotovlennya Teplice main cinecom, that vpliva on the choice of materials ):

  • mcrocket;
  • humidity;
  • the first mode Oswin.

our climatonomy Poas materials I teplica povinn bitrimulti the difference in temperatures from -40 to + 30 degrees. Not many materials mozhut bitrimulti podrn temperature thus not sminute their characteristics, and outremeuse potrebno temperature teplitz.

Sprouse vinciti that well materials better pdfdate for teplitz: pluka, slopes ABO well still stolniceni polcarbonate. By the way, pridbati from the manufacturer can in compan Polark :


Porwnania RSNA materials for teplitz

Pluka. The main previou plucky in Parveen iz Scam I polcarbonate, certainly, " price, ale - basic nedac - TSE short term exploits not bilshe 2-3 years, and Deshevo necessary mnati soroku. Also pluka Shvydko brodnitsa I vtrace his swetorrents, scho duzhe it's important, and Brudny plus uterus nalt s scalvini mkrigsman result chogo , choroby Roslin.

slope. Often for Teplice to ostannyoho hour in pokole quality material vykarystouvac slopes. TSE more dougouzi material (if provoditsya s him balivo), slopes got a good swetorrents to 94 %, and also teploizolyatsii wlasciwosci. However , a series nedolov in Yogo zastosuvannya, Golovnin chin - TSE cricket (bitrate on samnu broken folding to dosit Velic at that scho I procedure vigotovlennya the frame teplitz I zamna folding more zkladn in Parveen s analogni when vicorian plucky Chi plastic polcarbonate. Prito required considered I wanono bike crowbar folding scho vimage great vitrat for more potezny I metalastic frame.

Polcarbonate. Scho mozhna skazati about polcarbonate? TSE thermoplastic, listy yakogo yea dashkovoy panel s ribs Gordost seredyn. Polcarbonate got a number Perevi in Parveen zi sklom I plukey. The main s yakih yea legkosti scho da mozliwosci economici on materials for the frame (Masa polcarbonate 16 rasv less then Masi typical folding).

Yak - slopes polcarbonate got vdmn prosort to 82 % and scho Prime won't snigula s hour Yak at plucky. Takozh , tilki have polcarbonate SPACELINE of pokrittya scho zahida Yak I the plastic and plants so I pid him from zhorstky the range of UV vipraha.

Polcarbonate digit msnsi folding pluke (VIN 200 rasv perevesu slopes at mcnet). Ribs artcast in list good I ravnomerno raspodeliti udarne I statyczne navantazhennya on vsomu sheet, scho da mozliwosci effective protestati wtru, SNMP, hail Glock.

Scho States temperaturnykh peripads in our REGON, polcarbonate Yak pidhodit not be better for us as a band Yogo rabochih sklada temperatures from - 40 to + 120 C.

One of the first navalesi factors , teploizolyatsii pokusniki polcarbonate. Chamber structure of sheet Yogo DW stunky ribs Gordost storyurl vdmn teplosila, scho duzhe not matter, adzhe TSE DOPOMOGA better sbergami heat Seredin teplitz of ekonomski on obrw if teplica vykorystovuyutsia in cold period I da mozliwosci likely prograte land teplica vykorystovuyutsia yakscho tilki in Teply season. In this pokajnica polcarbonate digit of Krasic, I I Tim bilshe plucky.

Also can not oceniti budwell characteristics polcarbonate, navti with great Rosmer sheet 2,1x6 ? 2,112 meters he's got no great love (in serednya 10 - 20 kg). TSE dozvola Yogo easily perenosit, transportati I montonati. Velik dimensions sheet duzhe trocn when Montag, one sheet is possible, pokriti blsu will ploso not waucheesi to dodatkowych z Dani, Yak napriklad precauci zi Scam. And VDMA knuckle sheet da mozliwosci are Robit rsnu the form of pokrittya (for arkovich Teplice - TSE just netani material). Moreover, listy polcarbonate easy riutta zvichayniy nstrumental for derevoobrobki.

Teoretychni terms exploits of this material becoming not less then 50 years. So teplitz s polcarbonate digit deseos than counterparts from folding, more post I have vigotovlennya digit dougans. Dine - TSE treba retrograte right design, right material Pdet I accno Yogo montonati.

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