What should pay attention when choosing curtains

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first and foremost, do not get hung up on the excellent design of the tulle. It is not essential. Consider the following aspects:

  • dimensions;
  • the Height and width of the window;
  • the distance from the ceiling to the floor;
  • If the window faces South, choose a thick fabric, it will help to darken the room. If to the North, you can only hang tulle.

First of all, the curtain in the room should be comfortable. Namely, tulle arranged around the window helps to get rid of the excessive sunlight in the daytime so that the living room remains bright. And curtains on the sides, the night disappear. It is a traditional and practical option. But you may prefer the French style, when the heavy Drapes are going up. This option looks very unusual. More information about curtains and tulle, you'll learn on the website gardina.biz.ua.

it is Important to choose the right color. Here are some rules:

  • the Matter should not be contrast in relation to furniture;
  • Shade cloth needs to be a semitone or a tone darker or lighter than the walls;
  • the Curtain to pick up towards the biggest furniture in the room;
  • Pastel colors is always a good choice. Any interior looks harmonious and comfortable;
  • Drape shall be of such color as some of the elements or things in the interior;
  • Bright matter will help to hide some defects in the premises;
  • the Accessories that is made in the style of tulle, complement the idea;
  • the Combination of two colors. One of them should repeat the color of the furniture, and the second will refresh the whole view.

only suitable for large rooms. A gold or silver glow will make your home luxurious. This decision will help to hide minor errors and to the atmosphere to bring prosperity. Also don't be afraid to experiment and combine styles. In the room, which made in a classic style that will look great fabric with polka dots, flowers or stripes.

How to buy and get the goods

to Purchase a product in the online shop curtains, window Curtain, and is much easier and cheaper than any other store in tulle. All you have to do is go and choose the right fabric for curtains. The site has a catalog of products with different themes fabric, which gives more opportunities to create new fashion in 2017-2018. The delivery was conducted in all Ukrainian cities: Nikolaev, Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Mariupol, etc. You are waiting for low prices, accessories, regular promotions and discounts on tailoring.


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