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7 reasons to choose e-mail from Google

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If You have been using the global web, then, chances are you already have an email account. The person may not have your own blog, website, but the e-mail he sure to register, even though opposing it.

But it won't work. In order to register for any web site (online store, social network, on the forum) you need to specify your own e-mail.

Directly when you register you may not require a phone number, Skype username, but the e-mail DEFINITELY.

this raises a logical question: where is the best place to open your own e-mail?

Most popular email services are: Yandex google. There are also many other services in various regional portals. But whatever it was, from all kinds of email services on the 1st place is email service from Google: By the way, detailed information about registration e-mail in this mail service, read the article "". If you still have no email from google, then definitely get it!


7 reasons to register a mail from Google

Google gives loads of free tools for working in the Global Web. Opening e-mail, you will receive not only many GB of storage space for their emails, user friendly interface, without the hype and huge number of other Goodies:

  • Access to "You Tube". Directly after Google bought the video sharing website YouTube registration on this site is through linking your gmail account;
  • Access the blog platform is "Blogger". Today in Runet very popular online blogs created on the Blogspot. Blogger, in turn, is a free tool used to create satellites, portfolio and earnings;
  • Access Google Analytics. This system is very powerful for analysis of attendance of web-sites. Google Analytics gives you the ability to perform the visitor's path to a specific web site, detailed attendance statistics and also allows to evaluate the effectiveness of the web site from a commercial point of view;
  • access to the "Google Adwords". This is the most popular in the world of contextual advertising. Although the Internet on the 1st place is the Yandex Direct;
  • access to the "Google AdSense". This system of earning for webmasters (site owners) directly on contextual advertising, which is the most simple from a technical point of view, the monetization method of the website;
  • Access to the "Google webmaster". This is a service for monitoring web sites where you can see it through the eyes of search robots (Google bot), learn how it is indexed, and remove unnecessary search page;
  • Access "Google+". It is as fresh social. the network, which promptly set a record in the set of users.

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