Contextual advertising: what is it?

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the Shortcut is called advertising whose content depends on the interests of Internet users. That is why 1-in of its main advantages over other varieties of advertising is its nenalezeno potential consumers.

For example, a person planned to buy a TV. He enters, for example, in the Google search engine and enters in a search line the phrase to buy a TV . The magic really happens, in the top of the page ads appear on selling televisions, he clicks on the 1 St of them, visits the advertiser's site and buys a TV.


Other important advantages of contextual advertising:

  • Efficiency. In this case, we observe a reduction in the time between making a purchase or advertising offer, and also selection of potential customers;
  • the relative cheapness (in comparison with other varieties of advertising);
  • the ability to see the flow of money to the campaign at any stage.

Now there are a lot of companies allows you to place contextual ads, but the most popular ones are the 3 biggest search engine: Google (Google AdWords), Yandex (Yandex.Direct) and Rambler (Begun). By the way, if you are interested in but you don't know how to set it correctly, then please contact the Agency of Internet advertising "ASKI":


Varieties of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising can be:

  • theme;
  • search.

So, thematic contextual ads can be seen on the pages of web sites, which are included in the advertising network of Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc., if the theme of the advertising will be closely match the interest of the Internet user. Thematic is broadcast as a supplementary content a user is viewing pages.

search is, in turn, can be seen in the SERPs of various search engines. A mandatory condition of displaying search contextual ads is a coincidence clear search query entered by the Internet user.

pages of search results, search contextual ads can be placed in several places:

  • Placement. It's up to 3 ads located at the top of the page, specifically the results of the search;
  • Guaranteed impressions. It's up to 4 ads that are located to the right of the search results;
  • Dynamic impressions. It's up to 5 ads, which are located immediately below the guaranteed impressions.

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