Criminal background check: how to apply?

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a Certificate of no criminal record is the official document widely MIA. This certificate is official proof that a certain person in whose name it was issued, not the number convicted, not prosecuted, not wanted on the territory of our state.


why do you need this certificate?

In most cases, this document is needed:

  • Employment abroad;
  • Restore or paperwork;
  • the residence permit abroad;
  • visa for travel abroad (though not for all countries)
  • Learning abroad;
  • the Issuance of licenses for work with psychotropic, narcotic and explosive substances;
  • Participation in tenders;
  • permit purchase of weapons;
  • the provision of various companies of other countries;
  • credit and banking institutions;
  • the Renewal or registration of a residence permit (for foreigners);
  • guardianship, adoption, creating a family-type orphanage or a foster family.

Varieties of police clearance certificates

This document can be of 2 types:

  • for use abroad;
  • for use on the territory of Ukraine.

To obtain a residence permit abroad, almost 100% of cases requires a certificate of no criminal record in form SP-1.


Who issues this certificate?

depending on where it resides or the applicant resides in our state of the certificate of no criminal record issued by the office of inform. technologies in the region. the departments of the interior Ministry and directly in Kiev, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine or the Department of internal Affairs of Ukraine. While the interior Ministry of Ukraine and the state Affairs of Ukraine in Kiev you can regardless of their location.


How much time is necessary to obtain this reference?

the Design of this document takes 1 - 10 business days.


What documents need to provide to obtain this reference?

in Order to get this document citizen of Ukraine will need to provide copies of such pages of the internal passport: 1st, 2nd, and page with a residence permit. Foreigners will need to provide a copy of the 1st page of the passport.

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