How to write an effective ad?

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Very much depends on exactly correctly if you make your ad. It often happens that people can not sell exclusive or interesting items, because its ads are not interesting to potential buyers, and other Internet entrepreneurs are actively selling ordinary things, avoiding competitors on all parameters.

So your ad is seen and stood on it, it is necessary to observe a few basic rules, which we will discuss next.


Competitive ad should contain:


    Title. This is the main point which should be remembered. In the majority of cases, shows only the headline and not the text. This means that the title must attract the potential customer or buyer. Need the case and to clearly formalize the title. You can come up with something daring or interesting in order to hook the reader. Also we must remember that the majority of forbids in the name to specify contact information;

    a Text. Here it is necessary to specify all the information that you may need a potential client: any annotations and expiry dates of medicines, technical data, etc. do Not write various obscure data for a simple layman, which may push them away. All information must be as simple as possible;

    Contacts. You need to fill in all the necessary data, city, couple mobile phones, skype or email;

    time interval. Ads should be placed with specific spacing that is not less than permitted on a particular Bulletin Board. Thus you will increase the chance of getting acquainted with your products (services) of a huge number of potential buyers;

the Uniqueness. Advertisement should be changed. It is better to have at least 3 to 4 text, which you will be placed one after the other. This is necessary in order for paraspara you are not blocked and you could be seen by more potential customers. Don't want to anger the administrator of a Bulletin Board, because through constant perespa and failure to comply with the rules of the classifieds, you may be blocked from future Postings on a particular message Board is

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