What is Java and why is it necessary?

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Today, mainly the number of PC users are faced with software such as Java and then there is a logical question but what exactly is this and why is it necessary?

Java is a technology used for developing Internet applications, i.e. programs that run and operate directly in the browser. By the way, proglang.su you can read about .

These online applications seriously extend the global web, and as a result, using Java technology, people can communicate in online chats, play online games, upload videos and photos to different websites and do a lot of-other things.

But if you want to use these benefits, you need to install on your PC the Java environment. I.e. a special program that allows you to run Java content in the browser. And if the Java environment is not installed on the PC, then a huge number of Internet applications and websites simply will not function or will not function correctly. Often in this case, when you go to the page of some website, which will contain Java content, you will see a message about the need to download and install Java on your PC. Many people do this instinctively, but later on they have questions by type:

  • what's this FOR?
  • how it got on my PC?
  • why is it necessary?

Directly after installation on your PC, Java will follow new updates at the office. the web site and after their appearance, will notify you and prompt them to install.

As the Java apps are very popular and commonly used in the global web, attackers can use them to their advantage. From this it follows that to update Java on your PC is always, as in the updates fixed the found vulnerabilities, which in turn increases stability and security.

read More details about Java technology, download the latest version and to get answers to most frequently asked questions about Java, you can at the office. web site: http://www.java.com.

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