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Schodo system elektrycznego pdhra palagi je Yak position uggoki, so I negativn. In order dwellers VI versely, Chi Varto use of such an option for your box, or apartment, at a time mi nadamo onown plus and I MOSI elektricno teplo palagi. By the way, in Internet you can magasin pridbati visalakshi elektricnu heat pclogo Energy Mat.


Osnovne of perevahy

Middle basic plus elektricno teplo palagi velayt:

  • mozliwosci zastosowania not only in Domashni umovah, ale I in off;
  • Mauger vykorystovuyutsia z whether the Yakima pokrittya palagi: kahlen, laminator, linoleum and others;
  • VSI, elementi system zachowan big eyes, Tim himself is not psout nter courier primmest;
  • for DOPOMOGA of the thermostat, that yde in Complect can alstonvale temperature mode already With 0 to 0.1, wherein takozh mozhna, salavati pevnyi hour vkljucena / otklucheny negracha;
  • Mauger vykorystovuyutsia in the main quality I dopamina heating;
  • ukladannya teplo palagi pid tiles (and all the more so parquet) can sdisney man without namahage dowu. Besides niyakogo special instrument pid hand Buti not guilty;
  • trevali terms exploitez with proper pavagen s system;
  • surface progrevatsya ravnomerno on all PLoS;
  • proposed causes of failure need a little time;
  • for funktsionuvannya system cannot potrebu dodatkovo obladnannya (for example, for water heating neophane installation elektrycznego ABO gas boiler);
  • temperature negralejo elements not nadto large scho good for BEZPEKA zastosuvannya.

Yak VI bachite of perevahy elektricno teplo palagi snack, taqiy scho Robit option clcom konkurentospromozhnist in Parveen s Hemi heating options.


Snout nedali

Yak always, cimos necessary jertvovat when vibor t Chi Ho systems. Scho States mosw elektrichnih teplih pdlog, basic Sered them yea:

  • high vartist exploits (if grouchy use cable for Central heating Veliko plow, neophane potent negracha Mauger dosagethe 15-20 kW, scho Patna pcvisit msacn vitrata electroenergy);
  • whether yaky type electrovac got pcvideo nebezpeku ouragenda stroma. Elektricna heat pdlog not linatoc, that especially Volovich primmest considered necessary Danian time;
  • for paviment Electroboutique necessary dodatkovo potruditsya on redbana I connecting the ELVs, and also stvorennya nadiine grounding;
  • grouchy cable, yaky yea basic by wykonawcom body heating, story elektromagnitnoe field, Yak vpliva organsm negatively on the person;
  • palogue of pokrittya, in particular derew Yana, Strada when Nagrand: Rossita I deformats;
  • alladan Nagraj (especially cable) Vista STEL Mauger scrotitis to 10 cm;
  • yakscho bude vykorystovuyutsia heating in the main quality I wherein adobes Veliko plow, for work system need to bod? dosite bearing-down elektroprovodka.

See, what I nedali system to dosit has Vahom. Hello all W mi sorteo pay attention to those scho with proper wibor teplo palagi, and also plough robots zgidno s structu, blesst s pererahovan nedolov vdras W vascultis. TSE I Robit system pdhra palagi popular I tatrabanka.


Porwnania s alternatywnym option

Dwellers VI residual pereonality in pravilnost his rsena, zaraz mi troch pogovorim about those, chime elektricna heat pdlog Krama wadano.

So, mi videli osnovin, momenti porwnania:

  • Vodyane heat pclogo rozumne use on the great square, all the more so, yakscho bude pdhra stesnyatsya for rakhunok gas boiler. Little cmath logons vdavali Periago embodiment, scho pratsyuє from elektromerezh, that scho in this case bitrate for the installation of the exploitation will be small;
  • Heating Garachay the water got the more trevali terms service (Yak seem virobnika, VDDA Mauger, dogoditi to 50 years);
  • no Water sasoditi health protection lyudin th, chogo not say anything about strum;
  • Installation cable (ABO thermomat) nabagato prostki, than vodoprovidna tubes;
  • Reguluvannya elektrycznego oblrada sdissues nabagato likely I tocne, than water.


Axis mi nadali pros : "MOSI elektricno teplo palagi. PDRIVE pdswoq it is possible to note, that oboh warants system svo? of perevahy , " nadoli, that smashout in whether yakomu vipadku cimos jertvovat. Mi W recomendado vdavali Periago same electropro, that scho VIN more townhouse with renovated, efektivni I bigtoponline!

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