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Probably all heard the expression "a Dog is man's best friend". And you wonder why? Since when the dog began to be considered a true friend of man?

everything is the fact that dogs have amazing psycho-emotional properties due to which, they are not 1-but other creature on earth, attached to their owners.

the Dog feels completely responsive all the changes in the mood of a person. For the owner of a dog is a friend and even something of God, because she loves the owner just because it just is. Unfortunately, there are cases when the owner treated his dog is not the best way, but everything is exactly the dog continued to consider it the best on the planet and if you look at it wagging her tail. Dogs are amazingly loyal beast.

But in modern society there is a problem of stray dogs - those who have no master. This issue is very relevant and requires to be put off decisions.


So, to the MP with a request for help addressed residents of the town of Vyshneve, Kyiv region. They told about the problem with stray dogs, which are scaring children and aggression towards the people of the city.

This issue of dogs in Cherry spawned the irresponsible owners and the lack of effective measures capable of preventing reproduction of abandoned dogs and not allowing owners to dump animals on the street.

In the world there are 3 major solutions for this problem:

  • the culling of dogs, then their sterilization and return to the place of residence;
  • physical elimination of dogs;
  • isolation of dogs in the shelter.

Very often these methods are combined.

therefore, in order to help the people cherry would be conducted public hearings on the implementation of European solutions to this problem, involving the utility companies and authorities, which are responsible for population control of stray dogs, as well as representatives of volunteer movements and public associations aimed at the maintenance and rescue stray dogs.

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