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Initially, let's see what the valves. So called devices that are directly mounted on boilers, tanks, pipelines and other installations designed for mixing, distribution, disconnect, reset, or regulation of flows of different environments.

According to the functional purpose of this, the armature is:

  • regulation;
  • gate;
  • mastersplitter;
  • safety;
  • distributive mixing;
  • gazorazdelitel;
  • protective.

For the purpose of pipe fittings is:

  • General purpose Industrial. This rebar is used in different industries. The valves are equipped with steam pipes, water pipes, municipal pipelines, heating systems, etc.;
  • Special. This valve is used: at low temperatures, at low temperatures and pressures, toxic, radioactive, viscous, free-flowing, corrosive, abrasive environments;
  • Target (stop). This is a special and industrial valves, which applies to technical regulations;
  • Special (by special order). Such devices are made and developed on the basis of special technical requirements on individual orders;
  • Plumbing. This reinforcement which is equipped with: gas cooker, bathroom installation, kitchen sinks etc. by the Way, buy plumbing fittings .;
  • Litigation. This reinforcement, which is available for use on its ships of sea and river fleet, given the increased requirements for: high reliability, vibration resistance, minimal weight, special conditions of use and management.

By way of control valves is:

  • an Autonomous (automatically operating). Operational cycle of the valves occurs without other sources of energy that are directly under the influence of the working environment. The valves include: check valves, level controllers, pressure regulators, safety valves and steam traps;
  • Controlled. Operational cycle of the valve is performed externally by the relevant teams at the moment of time that is determined by the working environment or conditions. This includes control valves and all types of valves.

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