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SST Valevich rights spozhivachiv

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Today mi pogovorim about the rights of spojovaci in MAGAZIN I respost us about them Maksimov A. K. - spivrobitnyky ROO Zahist rights spozhivachiv in Saint Peterburg": .


Chi povinn VI platiti, yakscho wypadkowe Ross the ABO yakos nacse space product in magasin?

Rizik ' viagralogo Rabbitt Chi poshkodzhennya jogos product to move lyudin s time, if bezposrednio marketing, handing the goods pokuptsiv. Up to this point, absolutely everything riziki, that POV Asan z, wypadkowe poshkodzhennya Chi rozbity product, lie Prodavam / magazine, ie vlasniku addition product. Her only method of Zobov'yazany, ASATI pokuptsya, platiti of rozbity product - TSE in ship order. The store is liable to bring, scho pokupec, savdev, Skadi, namino. Pokuptsiv usually rekomenduoti, nabolaget on the fact scho product stand nesrecno, I mean he absolutely wypadkowe Yogo zacepil.


Chi povinn VI zdavali bag when what, and hto wienen, if a bag went missing from skrinky?

Zgidno s, cinim the legislation, when what to the store clst not Zobov'yazany'yazanyy of savati in the camera sberna VLAN osobist the way. TSE vlogo newslogo the right of the person, not a obov'yazok. Sawsi W osobist way, CLT uklada s data store dogovr about bezkoshtovne sberna Yogo speeches. Primesuite Clit, ukladat podbi dogovr nichto not got right. Zobov'yazany asauchi, savati bags, shop poruchu the law (article 421 Civilnog code of the Russian Federation). Moreover, when what lyudin in shopping hall shop is not got right, vimagati in ne PREV avici preban other stores goods it.


Chi got the right koronare ogledate your bag on vihod?

Zgidno zi Statt 27.7 a Code about admin. pravoporyadka, Russian Federation, ogledate osobist the way, and takozh, provoditi, obsuk whether yakih got the right type tilki polca. Spivrobitnyky, ohoronna frm not toil rights stesnyat looked around the speeches, that to znahoditsya when the citizen first Yogo osobisty looked around. Individuals yaki toil right to look around, Kazan in article 27.7 of the administrative code private aharons there vdat. Stink mayut right, zatrebati of pravoberezhniy I peredati polc.


Hto wienen, yakscho VI otros products s shop?

Zgidno zi Statt 7 the Law of the Russian Federation About Zahist rights spozhivachiv , VSI pockepc mayut right to buy careless for their health and life of the product. Which, that produt prostrate comrades, porushuyut osnovni requirements vysheukazannoe law, and takozh NSA federalna zakonu I Santerno-epdemiology rules and regulations. Products, yaky zakonchilsa terms prednost, nease , " navti nebezpecny through scho becoming zagrozu the life that Yu health protection lyudin I don't blame palaguta realset. Yakscho vie in the home weavile spawanie product, zgidno zi Statt 18 zaznaczenie by law, vie mate right vanesty the product back to the store. If you have vasuti check, this is not what pastaboy for vdovi in powermen koshtiv for spawanie the goods (article 25 of the law). The recording cameras desposition - TSE proof, scho VI bought the goods in this magasin.


If you rude spivrobitnyky store Chi demolish VIN whether that law?

So, spivrobitnyky in this case, demolish the rights pokuptsya. VI, Yak pokupec, mate right should in Poltu ABO in court on rakhunok Zahist VASO gdnet I chest. In the Perche cerga pokuptsiv it should be in store should I in knit scarg, opisati the situation, Tsey recording to serve as pastaway for robotodavets / shop, petaloti to disciplinare vddlo spivrobitnyky.


Chi got Kathir vdovets prodati the right of the item, that scho from Demba SDAC no?

Marketing and Zobov'yazany'yazanyy mother's ABO blood zabezpechiti in whether yaky hour of work to the shop, Tille clast, Yak neophane for rozrahunkiv W pokupaj. At Tipova rules exploitez control, kasovich machines CTCA prescribed scho Zobov'yazany management magazinw asana, zabezpechiti coserv rsname bills in neophane klikot. Vastly SDAC not ye vastly features, to marketing and not got the right vdovii you in the sale of the product z z reason. In case Homo CLT Mauger, vimagati a book of propositions that skarg, should in Resposiveness ABO taxes pozov to the court.

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